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Atlanta Legacy Makers is an initiative led by Central Atlanta Progress in partnership with the City of Atlanta. This project is a public commemoration of two Atlanta mayors, Ivan Allen Jr. and Maynard Jackson. Through this effort, we embrace the legacy that Atlantans—now and next—are charged to carry forward.

August 23rd, 2021:

The Atlanta Legacy Makers Curatorial Committee is proud to announce that

has been chosen as the team to complete the commemorative sculpture honoring Mayors Allen and Jackson in Woodruff Park.


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An End of Year Community Update

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The public art piece will be installed at the north end of Woodruff Park – right where Peachtree Street meets Auburn Avenue.

  • Aerial photo credit: Adam Shumaker
Cultural curator Floyd Hall dives into the histories of Mayors Allen and Jackson while discovering implications and inspiration for today’s Atlanta in conversation with artists, city leaders, historians, and more.

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The idea for an artistic tribute to Mayors Allen and Jackson was born in 2018 when local developer Gene Kansas invited Gary M. Pomerantz, the author of Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn, to speak. During the talk, Pomerantz shared the significance of both Atlanta mayors on the history of our city. Inspired by the talk and the feedback from guests in attendance, journalist Maria Saporta (Saporta Report) wrote an opinion piece encouraging the city to commemorate the special relationship between the Mayors in the form of a sculpture at the intersection of Peachtree St. and Auburn Avenue.