Led by Central Atlanta Progress in partnership with the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Legacy Makers is a public art commemoration of two Atlanta mayors, Ivan Allen Jr. and Maynard Jackson. We ask you to join us in imagining what this artistic celebration of these leaders could be by giving us your feedback for the next 3-4 minutes. Your input will be shared with the teams vying to be chosen to create this new piece of public art for our city.

For a little context about
this project, please watch
this 1 minute clip.
Click and drag the words
or phrases to the side that feels
appropriate to you
Click and drag the circle
sliders until you feel the
impression/mood of the
intersection of Peachtree St &
Auburn Ave is just right
Make each column shorter or taller to
indicate your preferences for how an
artwork would reflect the relationship
between Mayors Allen and Jackson

Thank you for providing your feedback to Atlanta Legacy Makers. Over the next few months, we will be hosting online events and sharing updates about the artwork. Please sign up HERE to receive news and invitations.

To learn more about Mayors Allen & Jackson and the Atlanta Legacy Makers Project, please listen to our podcast.

Please interact with
all of the elements
before moving on to
the next page
This experience is best in landscape mode
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