RFP Frequently Asked Questions


Below please find questions that our Team has assembled related to the Atlanta Legacy Makers Call for Proposals:

Preferred format:

  • 2 paragraphs: up to 300 words conceptual narrative and up to 300 words introduce your team. 12-point font.

  • 2 boards, 11×17 landscape format, labelling permitted, PDF format

  • Website(s) with your body of work

  • Additional materials allowed as Appendix (up to 15 pages)

The Process and Selection Criteria within the RFP highlight the importance of team diversity and experience in the selection of winning teams, but the submission materials do not provide any opportunity to demonstrate team member qualifications or diversity. What material will the curatorial committee be using to evaluate team diversity?

  • We want to see diversity in race and gender amongst project leadership and firm principals. We will evaluate through bios, firm websites. We are not requiring specific charts or tables to indicate diversity.

Can we include other information about our team and submittal in the cover letter?

Yes, relevant information about the team, experience, and composition is encouraged.

May submissions recommend opportunities for increased funding from outside sources?

  • Yes, but design should provide for an alternative within budget

Is there an allocation of the overall budget into art commission and site work categories?

  • There is not

It is understood that the streetcar station will remain in place, but will it be allowable to modify materials – rails, ramps, for example?

  • The preference is to leave all elements of the streetcar facility intact. It is unlikely that significant modifications to the station will be permitted. The Streetcar infrastructure was funded with federal money, FTA may need to weigh-in on changes which occur within the designated “useful life” of the equipment. Discussion and coordination with MARTA would be necessary if design anticipate modifications.

It is understood that the International Peace Fountain will remain in place, but is it allowable to modify mechanical elements (water flow) or lighting on the fountain?

  • Yes

Does the site fall under typical City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation guidelines, requiring replacement on site of trees which must be removed per proposed plan?

  • Yes

Are the any elements on the existing site that must remain as is?

  • As noted, the fountain and streetcar-related elements remain in place. Teams should also the design provides space for smaller programs such as weddings or arts performances.